A great adventure in your life! To see dosens of bears in wilderness, fishing salmon. From July to September salmon climb up the rivers and entering lakes it was born, to give a new life to the next generation. It is just a period when Kamchatka brown bears coming to the water to fish and eat a lot of fish before hibernation.  It is a time when photografers and wildlife nature lovers rush to Kamchatka to watch bears.

Chance to see a lot of volcanoes, lava flows, caves and other volcanic activity. To explore biggest river of Kamchatka, see bears in wild nature. Chance to catch fish by yourself and eat it. Chance to learn the way of life peoples of North. And to meet Sea Lions, Orca and wales in Pacific Ocean!

Tours without backpacking, long trekking and sleeping in tents. Siutable for families with children and for older people. You will stay in comfortable hotel and take shower and dinner in the restaurant every evening after you come back from one day trip. You can see all meaninfull tourist spots in one trip, not going far from the bus. Volcanoes, native people, sea animals and may be bear, hot springs and fish.


Klyuchevskoy volcano 4750m (other name “Klyuchavskaya sopka”) is the highest active volcano of Eurasia. To climb it you need to have alpinist experience and skills of using crampons, ice-axe, piton and so on. Without alpinist skills, it will be impossible to get to the top.


Recommended time for the tour: June – September

Size of the group   5-8 pax


Haven for wildlife and landscape photographers, Kamchatka gives full range of interesting stories, moments of beauty and elegance. "In Kamchatka one can takes exellent photoes everywere. The main thing - do not the spoil the frame"- said one photographer.


Ski tour gives opportunity to see Kamchatka volcanoes skiing on their slops, surrounded by wild nature, rather then from helicopter or by noizy snowmobile. We offer ski tours of two different types: for those who like winter climb rather then skiing and for those who like skiing more then alpinism.


Snowmobile is practically the only transport for Kamchatka winter. Volcanoes, wild hot springs of Kamchatka in winter - only by snowmobile. We are offering two types of using snowmobile: travel in sleds behind the snowmobile and driving snowmobile by yourself.


Freeride and backcountry is the main way to enjoy snowboarding and mountain skiing in Kamchatka.